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About TCET

Thakur College of Engineering & Technology (TCET) is an autonomous and hindi linguistic minority Institute. It was established in AY 2001-02 with a clear objective of providing quality technical education in tune with international standards and contemporary global requirements. TCET offers 19 U.G., 8 PG., and 5 Ph.D. (Tech.) programmes. TCET is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and certification has helped Institute to develop a student centric process driven system required for quality education in the 21st century.

As a result, Institute is accredited by NAAC with an "A" grade and all eligible programmes are accredited by NBA for three years. Some of the programmes are accredited multiple times. Moreover, all programmes are permanently affiliated with the University of Mumbai. TCET is the recipient of reputed IMC - Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Commendation Certification 2012 (Education) followed by IMC - Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award 2015 (Education).

TCET Highlights


Advantages of most pragmatic, contemporary and futuristic curriculum and courses catering the needs modern industries and professional practices. All courses are integrated with sufficient computer knowledge as well as Emerging technology. Traditional engineering curriculum is supplemented with interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary and holistic education with rich industry oriented learning opportunities. Curriculum is conducted through physical, online as well as hybrid mode.

One of the best academic results including F.E. result where Final Year B.E. Results are almost 100%. More than 90% students pass with Distinction/First Class and Success rate (students complete the course in four years) is more than 88% in course Duration. One of the very few institutes that provides multiple career placement opportunities. It is provided through industry connect programmes, internships, projects, traditional placement, plscement through state/national level competitive examinations etc. More than 90% of the graduates are either placed for jobs mostly from campus or higher studies abroad in leading global institutions.

Engineering Education

Engineering education of the 21st century demands, education to be knowledge based with rich innovation and value creations. On graduation one should have an engineering career of 40 years. Today, Education is an institutionalised programme based on statutory and regulatory bodies guidelines and the local and global needs. Needs could be based on knowledge, intelligence and skills built on strong fundamental, foundation and core knowledge. It needs intentional and planned activities based on curriculum and courses developed with the support of various stakeholders. In totality, This makes up the formal education system of a country. Gen-Z looks for an education which is pragmatic, contemporary and futuristic. Therefore, institutions need to make learning structured, guided and career oriented.

Learning shall Create strong fundamentals and foundations with programme specific core knowledge and supplementary knowledge for competitive edge. It should develop graduate skills attributes needed by industry and the professional world keeping the students interest in mind. All efforts of the institute shall focus to make students competitive and industry ready to join the industry or corporate. They need to be groomed for ethical practices, socially connected with a concern for the environment.

Courses Offered

Level One - UG Programmes
Category Courses Year Of Inception Course Duration Intake

(Core Engineering)
B.E. Computer Engineering 2001-02 4 Years 240
B.E. Information Technology 2001-02 4 Years 180
B.E. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering 2001-02 4 Years 120
B.E. Electronics and Computer Science 2008-09 4 Years 60
B.E. Mechanical Engineering 2012-13 4 Years 60
B.E. Civil Engineering 2015-16 4 Years 60
Engineering & Technology

(Emerging Technology)
B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science 2021-22 4 Years 180
B.Tech Internet of Things 2020-21 4 Years 30
B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 2020-21 4 Years 180
B.E. Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security) 2022-23 4 Years 60
B.E - Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (Additive Manufacturing) 2022-23 4 Years 60
Engineering & Technology

(Course For Working Professional)
B.E. Computer Engineering 2024-25 3 Years 30
B.Tech Artificial Intelligence & Data Science 2024-25 3 Years 30
Engineering & Technology

(Vocational Course
under NSQF)
B.Voc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science 2021-22 4 Years 60
B.Voc Software Development 2022-23 4 Years 30
B.Voc Animation & Graphic Designing 2023-24 4 Years 30
B.Voc Data Analytics 2023-24 4 Years 30
Computer Application Bachelor Of Computer Application 2024-25 4 Years 120
Business Administration Bachelor Of Business Administration 2024-25 4 Years 120
Level Two - PG Programmes
Category Branch Year Of Inception Course Duration Intake
Management Master Of Business Administration 2024-25 2 Years 120
M.E. Computer Engineering 2010-11 2 Years 18
M.E. Information Technology 2010-11 2 Years 18
M.E. Communication Technology & Management 2010-11 2 Years 18
M.E. Mechanical Engineering 2024-25 2 Years 18
M.E. Civil Engineering 2024-25 2 Years 18

(Course For Working Professional)
M.E. Computer Engineering 2024-25 2 Years 15
M.E. Information & Tecnology 2024-25 2 Years 15
Level Three - Ph.D(Technology) Programmes
Category Branch Year Of Inception Course Duration Intake
Ph.D Computer Engineering 2017-18 3 To 4 Years 20
Ph.D Information Technology 2017-18 3 To 4 Years 20
Ph.D Electronics & Telecommunication 2014-15 3 To 4 Years 20
Ph.D Mechanical Engineering 2024-25 3 To 4 Years 10
Ph.D Civil Engineering 2024-25 3 To 4 Years 10

Our Placements

Campus Placement

TCET aims to prioritize student placement and takes proactive steps to ensure their success in the job market. It's notable that they not only cater to eligible students but also extend their efforts to assist non-eligible students in finding opportunities. This inclusive approach speaks volumes about the institute's commitment to student welfare and career development. With a diverse range of accredited companies participating in campus recruitment, TCET appears to provide a well-rounded platform for students to kickstart their careers.

The institute has been accredited by major companies like Accenture, Capgemini, Infosys, JP Morgan Chase, Tata Consultancy Services, Tech-Mahindra etc. At present more than 200 companies are visiting for campus recruitment every year and almost all students showing interest in placement are placed through campus. Read More

  • Campus Placement
  • Campus Placement
  • Campus Placement
  • Campus Placement
  • Campus Placement
  • Campus Placement
  • Campus Placement
  • Campus Placement
  • Campus Placement
Higher Education

Embarking on your professional journey is a crucial step towards achieving your career aspirations. Our professional placement services are designed to streamline this process, connecting talented individuals like you with top-tier employers seeking skilled professionals.

In this competitive and fast-paced world, planning and decision making plays a very important role for students to choose the right career. Thus, TCET has established the Higher Education, Online Courses & Certification Cell (HOC Cell) in order to help student to understand his/her final dream and make the right career decision in a sensible manner. HOC section in-charge and one coordinator from each of the core departments have been given the responsibility of managing this Cell. Read More

  • Proffesional Placement
  • Proffesional Placement
  • Proffesional Placement
  • Proffesional Placement
  • Proffesional Placement
  • Proffesional Placement
Off Campus Placement

TCET has established a Defence Career Forum and counselling centre within its premises under the mentorship of Cdr. Vijay Pratap Singh (Retd.), a Defence Veteran. In addition, a full-fledged NCC unit (Army & Navy wing) is functioning since October 2021 under the collaboration of Maharashtra NCC Directorate, DG NCC and Ministry of Defence, New Delhi. Read More


The TCET Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation cell is a dynamic hub for cultivating student entrepreneurs, guided by dedicated faculty members. The goal of EDIC Cell is to nurture an entrepreneurial spirit in young minds, as well as to mentor, guide, and aid future entrepreneurs in different aspects, with the objective to generate wealth and employment possibilities. Read More

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Step into a world of academic excellence and vibrant campus life at TCET. Immerse yourself in an educational journey where knowledge merges with opportunity, and lifelong friendships are cultivated. Explore our state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, seminar halls, and fully functionality library and engaging classrooms. Experience the innovative facilities, inspiring faculty, and vibrant community that make TCET truly special.

Discover the essence of TCET through this captivating video tour, and get ready to embark on a transformative educational adventure. Welcome to TCET, where dreams become reality!

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